Pedestrian injury accidents are far to common in the Denver metro area usually resulting in significant injuries for the individual.  To complicate this very tragic situation many times the person that is hit by the car receives a ticket from the police officer that investigates the collision.  For many people they believe that this ticket precludes any form of recovery for medical expenses or the pain and suffering associated with these terrible injury accidents.  In several of these cases the injured party has no health insurance.

I am here to tell you that receiving the ticket for an auto/pedestrian collision is not necessarily a bar to recovery.  The traffic citation is not the ultimate authority and in many cases we can convince an insurance carrier or a jury to award damages to the pedestrian even if they are cited.  In addition, there may be medical payment benefits available to the injured party through the vehicle that struck the pedestrian or even the injured party’s own insurance.

If you are the victim of an automobile/pedestrian accident contact the law firm of Sisun & Scriven, P.C., to discuss your legal rights.