It is as cold today as I can ever remember for the Denver metro area.  As I was coming into the office I noticed a large amount of traffic accidents some with what appeared to be serious injuries.

We all have places to be but the roads are cold and icy.  C.R.S. sect. 42-4-1101(3) states in relevant part, “No driver of a vehicle shall fail to decrease the speed of such vehicle from an otherwise lawful speed to a reasonable and prudent speed when a special hazard exists with respect to pedestrians or other traffic or by reason of weather or highway conditions.” In short, do not drive too fast for the conditions.  It is much more important to arrive without causing harm to yourself or someone else than being a few minutes late.

In addition, due to the frigid temperatures many people without shelter are a great risk.  Here are the names and address of a few shelters in the area:

The Samaritan House, 2301 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80205;

The Denver Rescue Mission, 3501 E. 46th Avenue, Denver, CO 80217;

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, 2111 Champa Street, Denver, CO 80205; and

Guadalupe Community Shelter, 1442 N. 11th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631.

If you have been injured as a result of someone’s carelessness call the law firm of Sisun & Scriven, P.C. (303) 377-8861.