Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

When disaster strikes you or a loved one, finding the best legal representation available can ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve. Sisun and Scriven’s Denver personal injury lawyers stand ready to bring a measure of justice to your legal battle.

The law firm of Sisun and Scriven P.C. has been fighting for the rights of injured individuals for over three decades. Our dedication to our clients has earned us a reputation as trustworthy, highly experienced, and extremely effective personal injury attorneys.

Well versed in many legal fields, our chief specialties include personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, distracted driver accidents, drunk driver accidents, slip and fall cases, other premise liability cases, product liability claims, and workplace injuries. Our Denver personal injury lawyers are extremely savvy at dealing with insurance agencies to secure the compensation our clients deserve.

A key factor to quickly recovering from an accident is the mental security of knowing your legal situation. In order to mitigate your fears, we make every effort to ensure that your medical fees are covered, and you will never owe us any legal fees until we win your case. We are more than happy to meet at your home, office, or even at the hospital.

Sisun and Scriven P.C. has successfully handled cases for thousands of clients, and while many have been battles out the courtroom, most are negotiated and settled out of court. Our team of law professionals has secured millions of dollars worth of compensation for our clients and their families.

When you are seeking justice and compensation after suffering broken bones, sprains, strains, disfigurement, burns, or any other injury caused by a motor vehicle or workplace accident, Sisun and Scriven and their skillful Denver personal injury lawyers should be your first choice. Accept no substitute experience and excellence.