As we are all too familiar Colorado has many slick and snowy days.  Unfortunately, these conditions can result in severe injuries due to slip and falls.  Here are a few tips if you are the victim of such a fall.  First, seek medical attention to address your injuries.  Second, make sure that you report the incident to the property owner or manager.  If possible get the names of any people that may have seen the incident or the condition that caused the fall.  Take pictures of the slippery condition even if it is somewhat after the fact.  Finally, seek a free consultation from the lawyers at Sisun & Scriven, P.C. before your make any statements to either the property owner or their insurance company.

As always we are here helping the injury victims of Colorado.  If you have been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence call the lawyers at Sisun & Scriven, P.C., (303) 377-8861.