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Growing up I was always cognizant of the awesome power of the law in controlling our lives and our actions. Since ancient times, the importance of living in a society “governed by laws, rather than by men” was stressed by philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, and more recently, by John Adams and Abe Lincoln. I went to law school so that I could understand fully the laws of our country, and harness their power on behalf of those in need of such services.

I feel blessed that, in my 30+ years working as a licensed personal attorney in the state of Colorado, I have had the privilege to represent thousands of good, decent people who had the misfortune to suffer injuries and losses in serious accidents, and have been able to recover fair and reasonable compensation on their behalf. Whether through negotiation, arbitration or litigation, I always worked my hardest and did my best to require insurance companies and other large organizations to treat our clients fairly, and to ensure they received the compensation they deserved. As a personal injury attorney, I especially enjoy winning and settling cases for individuals who were told by insurance companies or other attorneys that they had no case, or that their case was not worth pursuing.

I love being able to serve our clients and our Denver community with the legal care and expertise they want and they deserve. Sometimes life isn’t fair, but if we can help make it a little more fair, then we’ve done ourselves, our clients, and our community a service.

Brad Scriven

Brad Scriven

I became an attorney to make a difference. Throughout history, the legal profession has been one of the most powerful advocates for change in making people’s lives better and I wanted to be a part of that. Throughout my career I have advocated for what was right and have had many a good day in court seen justice done on behalf of my clients.

What I like best about my work as a personal injury attorney in Denver are the new and exciting challenges that are presented within the legal profession on a daily basis. Each new client brings us a new world of learning as we explore their individual cases, occupations, and get to know them.

One of my proudest moments as an attorney was obtaining a jury verdict for an unemployed mother of two. After meeting us, she put her faith in me as her personal injury attorney to protect both her and her family’s best interest. To see her beaming smile after those long months was a reminder of why I chose to pursue the profession.

I wake up every morning eager to discover what new obstacle the insurance industry or some other company is going to put in the way of our client’s finding justice. We never give up trying to find a way around those obstacles to make our client’s lives whole once more. That is a challenge I gladly accept with every new sunrise.

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